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For every step of your knowledge engineering journey,
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Learning and TrainingBecome a Grakn expert in a matter of days. With trainings worldwide, learn from experienced Grakn engineers to go from understanding project goals and development strategy, to engineering the most scalable knowledge graph for you, your team and your business.
Hands-on development tutorialsDedicated knowledge engineer per course
From install, configure to scaleBasic and advanced knowledge engineering
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Services learning
Knowledge ModellingGood engineering starts with good architecture. Learn from our experienced engineers the best way to model and architect your knowledge graph, following industry best practices. There is no domain too complex to model in Grakn, and we’ll help you achieve it.
Project architecture designDomain schema modelling
Database schema consolidationExpert schema review
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Migration and IntegrationMigrating over from your current databases is not something to fear. The process can be smooth and painless, and we can help you with that. We can help integrate your data streams into your new Grakn knowledge graph, no matter how big the throughput is.
Migrate from any databaseMigrate from any data lake
Integrate data streams and pipeline
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Custom APIs
Custom Development APIsYou may want to use Grakn while developing with a specific programming language. You may want Grakn to output a specific data format. Or you may want to connect your system to Grakn using specific drivers. We can help you build these custom APIs so you can focus on building your application.
Custom REST response formatsCustom input data interfaces
Programming language drivers
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Deployment and ScalingAs you focus building your application and your business, let us help you with deploying and scaling your infrastructure. Have our experienced engineers make sure your infrastructure is state of the art, meets all your system requirements and scales as your company grows, as you launch your business into the future!
On-premise cluster deploymentCloud-based deployment
Cluster configuration & optimisation
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Its alive background
IT’S ALIVE!Now your knowledge graph is alive and working for you and your business. Rest assured, we still have your back! Get Grakn Enterprise support to make sure no issue will ever get in the way of your business.Get Support
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