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Downloads Page This is a list of Grakn releases. It's the place to come to download the most recent versions of Grakn.
Examples Overview Page Landing page for Grakn examples.
FAQ about Grakn Page Frequently asked questions about Grakn.
Grakn Basics Page Introducing the basics of the Grakn object model.
Grakn Deployment Guide Page A guide to setting up a production deployment of GRAKN.AI.
Grakn Knowledge Model Page Introducing the fundamentals of the Grakn knowledge model.
Using GRAKN.AI on Windows Page A guide to setting up GRAKN.AI on Windows.
Graph API Example Page Learn how to use the Graph API to model an ontology in Java
Documentation Portal Page Get Started API Reference Contribute Get Help Check out our guide to download and set up Grakn. When you're set up, there's an introductory tutorial...
Migration Overview Page Landing page for documentation about loading data in different formats to populate a graph in Grakn.
Quickstart Tutorial Page This document will work through a simple example using the Graql shell to show how to get started with GRAKN.AI.
Resources Overview Page Resources to help you learn more about graph databases.
Grakn Setup Guide Page This document will teach you how to set up a Grakn environment, start it up and load a simple example.
Visualising a Grakn Graph Page How to use the Grakn Visualiser.