Grakn provides flexible schema, intelligent query language, real-time analytics, and inference capabilities.

Flexible object-oriented schema

Grakn allows you to define a schema that truly describes the meaning of your data through a model that could express the real world. Your schema could flexibly evolve as your business grows.

Write complex queries intuitively

Through Graql, Grakn allows you to express complex questions in simple and short pattern matching statements. The equivalent queries would be long and unintuitive in other languages.

Perform real-time analytics

Grakn allows you to analyse your data in place using Graql, without further engineering effort. Learn more about your data, even when you don’t know much about the structure.

Discover implicit information

Grakn’s Graql is a knowledge-oriented query language. Graql allows for queries of both associative and contextual natures, for retrieving explicitly stored and implicitly derived knowledge.

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