The Task Client API
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The Task client is a Java api for interacting with the Grakn engine tasks api. To use the tasks client API, add the following to your pom.xml:


and add the following to your imports:

import ai.grakn.client.TaskClient;

The BatchMutatorClient makes use of the TaskClient. If your intention is to load data, please see our mutator client documentation.

Basic Usage

The task client provides only one constructor that accepts the host and port where a single engine is running.

TaskClient loader = TaskClient.of(host, port);

Creating a task

The creating of tasks requires a number of parameters:

Task Class: Type of task to execute. This task class must be available to all of the servers on which it is to run.

Creator String representing the class creating the task

Execution time Instant at which the task should be run. This can be at any time: if the time is before the current moment, the task will be run as soon as it reaches the Grakn engine executors.

Interval Duration representing how often to run the task. If null, the task will only be executed once.

Configuration Data on which to execute the task represented in a Json object

Wait Whether to wait for the server to acknowledge the request

The TaskClient.sendTask() function accepts all of the above as arguments:

TaskClient client = TaskClient.of(host, port);

Class taskClass = ShortExecutionMockTask.class;
String creator = this.getClass().getName();
Instant runAt =;
Duration interval = Duration.ofSeconds(1);
Json configuration = Json.nil();
boolean wait = false;

TaskId identifier = client.sendTask(taskClass, creator, runAt, interval, configuration, wait).getTaskId();

This function will execute a POST request against the server that will then run the specified task asynchronously. The client is responsible for checking on the status of the task (see below).

Stopping a task

To stop a task, its ID must be known. This method returns a boolean indicating if the task was sucessfully stopped by the server.

boolean stopped = client.stopTask(identifier);

Status of a task

To check on the status of the task, its ID must be known. This method will throw an exception if the task cannot be found on the server.

TaskStatus status = client.getStatus(identifier);
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