A guide to setting up a production deployment of GRAKN.AI.
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This guide offers advice on how to:

  • run Grakn in a production environment
  • upgrade to the latest version of the distribution.

Grakn releases from our GitHub repository are self-contained packages (tar.gz/zip) containing all the components you need to run Grakn.

Setting up Grakn

Minimum Requirements

Grakn can run on default Java settings (heap of 768MB, 1GB machine) if the knowledge base is small enough. Recommended production settings are at least 4GB machine with 3GB heap.

Standalone Grakn

You can start a standalone instance of Grakn by running grakn server start. This will produce a working environment for importing and analysing your data.

By default Grakn stores your data in the extracted directory, under db/cassandra/ in the folder into which you unzipped the distribution zip.

We recommend changing this to another location to make upgrading Grakn easier and faster in the future. Having changed it, you need to specify the new location in the conf/cassandra/cassandra.yaml configuration file:

  • data_file_directories: eg. /var/lib/cassandra/data
  • commitlog_directory: eg. /var/lib/cassandra/commitlog
  • saved_caches_directory: eg. /var/lib/cassandra/saved_caches


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Upgrading Grakn


Default directory

For the default storage directory, db/cassandra/, you need to:

  • stop old Grakn (grakn server stop)
  • extract the latest Grakn package into a new directory
  • copy the entire contents of the db directory to the new location into the new db directory
  • start new Grakn (grakn server start)

External directory

If you have changed the location of data_file_directories in the conf/cassandra/cassandra.yaml, you need to:

  • stop old Grakn (grakn server stop)
  • extract the latest Grakn package into a new directory
  • amend data_file_directories, commitlog_directory and saved_caches_directory to match your custom directories
  • start new Grakn (grakn server start)

You will need to amend these variables with every new version of Grakn.


Upgrading Grakn in a distributed setup is very simple:

  • stop and remove old Grakn Engine (grakn server stop grakn)
  • roll out the latest Grakn package with the correct Redis variables in the configuration files
  • start new Grakn Engine (grakn server start grakn)

You can perform a rolling deployment in this fashion with minimum impact on your services.