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Extending our understanding of the world, one dataset a time.


At the Grakn Labs, our vision is to bring knowledge and data together, to automate the process of inferencing decisions, conclusions and new information. We have amassed a team of the best and brightest who share this same vision.

Our backgrounds span across Computer Science, Engineering, Computational Neurodynamics, Software Engineer, Scientific Computing, Applied and Discrete Mathematics, Optimisation Algorithms and Semantic Technologies.

  • Haikal Pribadi

    Founder and CEO MPhil in Advanced Computer Science, University of Cambridge
  • Precy Kwan, CPA

    Chief Business Officer MPhil in Land Economy, University of Cambridge
  • Borislav Iordanov

    VP of Engineering Founder of HypergraphDB
  • Filipe Teixeira, PhD

    Lead Engineer PhD in Computational Neurodynamics, Imperial College London
  • Alexandra Orth

    Software Engineer BSc in Computer Science, Columbia University
  • Felix Chapman

    Software Engineer MEng in Computer Science, University of Southampton
  • Jason Liu, PhD

    Software Engineer PhD in Machine Learning, University of York
  • Jo Stichbury, PhD

    Technical Writer PhD in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
  • K Piskorski, PhD

    R&D Engineer PhD in Scientific Computing, University of Cambridge
  • Marco Scoppetta

    Software Engineer MSc in Engineering of Computing Systems, Politecnico di Milano
  • M Bucci, PhD

    Knowledge Engineer PhD in Discrete Mathematics, University of Naples
  • Nick Dillon

    Business Researcher MPhil in Urban Studies, University of Cambridge
  • Raphaëlle Roffo

    Company Administrator Masters in Urban Governance, Sciences Po Paris
  • Sheldon Hall, PhD

    Knowledge Engineer PhD in Nuclear Engineering, Imperial College London
  • S Klarman, PhD

    R&D Engineer PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Thanh Pham

    Cluster Engineer MSc in Financial Mathematics, Cass Business School