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To enable machines to reason over data and infer hidden knowledge that is too complex for human cognition to uncover.


Our vision is to develop a real-time reasoning distributed knowledge base to enable machines to infer hidden knowledge that is too complex for human cognition to uncover. Five years from now, GRAKN.AI will be in the hands of every developer as a de facto data platform for building intelligent systems. We're a team with big ambitions, and our competitions are fierce. However, none of the current database solutions addresses the problem of data complexity like we do.

We're a team of 15 based in London. Our team members have advanced degrees from top educational institutions, diversed backgrounds and commercial experience working with globally recognised firms. Our backgrounds span across Computer Science, Engineering, Computational Neurodynamics, Machine Learning, Scientific Computing, Applied Mathematics, Optimisation, Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning.

  • Haikal Pribadi

    Founder and CEO MPhil in Advanced Computer Science, University of Cambridge
  • Precy Kwan, CPA

    Chief Business Officer MPhil in Land Economy, University of Cambridge
  • Tomas Sabat

    Director of Business Development MPhil in Politics, University of Cambridge
  • Domenico Corapi

    Lead Engineer PhD in Computer Science, Imperial College London
  • Filipe Teixeira

    Lead Engineer PhD in Computational Neurodynamics, Imperial College London
  • Alexandra Orth

    Software Engineer BSc in Computer Science, Columbia University
  • Borislav Iordanov

    Lead Engineer Founder of HypergraphDB
  • Felix Chapman

    Software Engineer MEng in Computer Science, University of Southampton
  • Jason Liu

    Machine Learning Engineer PhD in Machine Learning, University of York
  • Kasper Piskorski

    R&D Engineer PhD in Scientific Computing, University of Cambridge
  • Marco Scoppetta

    Software Engineer MSc in Engineering of Computing Systems, Politecnico di Milano
  • Michelangelo Bucci

    Knowledge Engineer PhD in Discrete Mathematics, University of Naples
  • Nick Dillon

    Business Researcher MPhil in Urban Studies, University of Cambridge
  • Sheldon Hall

    Knowledge Engineer PhD in Nuclear Engineering, Imperial College London
  • Thanh Pham

    Cluster Engineer MSc in Financial Mathematics, Cass Business School