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Highly interconnected data with heterogeneous types are a precious source of knowledge, but challenging to maintain, query, analyse and understand. GRAKN.AI is an open-source knowledge graph data platform that uses the power of machine reasoning to help you overcome these challenges and build intelligent systems.

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Meet Grakn and Graql

Grakn is a platform that stores data in a way that allows machines to understand the meaning of information. Effectively, Grakn turns your dataset into a graph of knowledge. The Graph API lets you easily integrate the data platform into your code.

Grakn performs machine reasoning through Graql, a knowledge-oriented graph query language capable of reasoning and graph analytics. Graql allows you to write highly intelligent questions intuitively and concisely.

Building intelligent systems for highly interconnected data is now easy

  • Semantic Search Engines

    Technologies like Google's Knowledge Graph pioneered the semantic search experience on the web. With Grakn, you can build ground breaking semantic search tools for your organisation's corpus of information with dramatically less engineering effort.

  • Data Exploration Tools

    When exploring a large set of heterogeneous data, it is critical that you have the right structure and semantic model in order to effectively understand your data. Grakn dramatically simplifies the data infrastructure required to navigate through layers of highly interconnected data.

  • Content-based Recommendation Systems

    Pandora, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB are popular examples of technologies that exploit the power of content-based recommendation systems. Grakn allows you to quickly build advanced recommendation systems for your business by seamlessly integrating a powerful query engine.

  • Knowledge Management Systems

    Wikipedia has shown us what a powerful knowledge management system has to offer to the world: an organised, contextualised and highly interconnected information resource reused across the web. Grakn offers organisations the ability to easily develop systems to transform their information into reusable knowledge.

  • Real-Time Analytics Tools

    Many companies use analytics, but only a few of them can act on their data immediately without going through days, weeks or even months of developing the system. Grakn integrates real-time analytics as an inherent feature of its query language, allowing you to analyse your data in place without engineering effort.

  • Semantic Search
  • Data Exploration
  • Content Recommendation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Real-Time Analytics

Why use Grakn and Graql?

Flexible and expressive model

Grakn allows you to model the world through a highly expressive ontology that functions as your data schema. Your ontology could flexibly evolve as your business grows.

Write complex queries intuitively

Graql uses automated reasoning to let you express complex questions in concise and intuitive statements. The equivalent queries are much more complex in other query languages.

Graph analytics as a language

Graql provides functionalites to perform distributed graph analytics out of the box. Analyse your data immediately without further engineering effort of building distributed algorithms.

Discover implicit information

Grakn’s Graql is a knowledge-oriented query language. Graql allows for queries of both associative and contextual natures, for retrieving explicitly stored and implicitly derived knowledge.

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