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AI systems process knowledge that is too complex for current databases. Grakn is a distributed hyper-relational database for knowledge-oriented systems, i.e. a distributed knowledge base.

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Meet Grakn and Graql

Grakn is a distributed hyper-relational database for knowledge-oriented systems. Grakn enables machines to manage complex data that serves as a knowledge base for cognitive/AI systems.

Graql is Grakn's reasoning (through OLTP) and analytics (through OLAP) query language. Graql is a much higher level abstraction over traditional query language - SQL, NoSQL, or Graphs.

Building AI applications becomes much easier

  • Semantic Search Engines

    Technologies like Google's Knowledge Graph pioneered the semantic search experience on the web. With GRAKN.AI, you can build ground breaking semantic search tools for your organisation's corpus of information with dramatically less engineering effort.

  • Automated Fraud Detection

    When processing large sets of heterogeneous data, such as customer transaction information, it is critical that your infrastructure can handle the data complexity if you would like to identify anomalies in real-time. GRAKN.AI allows you to easily explore complex networks of datasets and perform logical reasoning to detect fraudulent patterns in your dataset before it causes any harm to your customers.

  • Intelligent Chat Bots

    As devices have become more intelligent, the way we interact with them evolved to natural language through conversation. GRAKN.AI is the ideal platform for developing chat bots because it is capable of interpreting complex and ambiguous questions by performing inference over your knowledge base.

  • Advanced Drug Discovery

    The process of drug research, synthesis, testing, and approval is incredibly time intensive and costly. These workflows produce large volumes of heterogeneous and interconnected data that unfortunately sit in silos. GRAKN.AI allows the integration of these datasets into one intelligent knowledge base. The identification of, and reasoning upon, implicit linkages that Grakn does across datasets, departments and workflow phases allows you to catapult your research years into the future.

  • Dynamic Risk Analysis

    Risk analytics organisations rely heavily on the data they can process and understand. However, time available for implementing the measures to comply with the regulations is in months and not years. GRAKN.AI is the backbone of large-scale risk analytics that makes integration of information sources simpler and provides data analytics immediately out of the box.

  • Semantic Search
  • Automated Fraud Detection
  • Intelligent Chat Bots
  • Advanced Drug Discovery
  • Dynamic Risk Analysis

Why use Grakn and Graql?

Flexible and expressive model

Grakn provides a highly expressive Enhanced-Entity-Relationship model as your data schema. Grakn allows your database model to constantly evolve.

Query for complex questions intuitively

Graql is a much higher level of abstraction than traditional query languages. The equivalent queries are much more complex in other query languages.

Distributed analytics as a language

Graql provides functionalites to perform distributed analytics out of the box. Analyse your data immediately without further engineering effort of building distributed algorithms.

Discover implicit information

Grakn’s Graql is a knowledge-oriented query language. Graql allows for queries of both associative and contextual natures, for retrieving explicitly stored and implicitly derived knowledge.