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Grakn is a knowledge graph to organise complex networks of data and make it queryable. Graql is Grakn’s reasoning (through OLTP) and analytics (through OLAP) declarative query language. Learn moreCurrent Stable Release: Grakn Core Release Notes
Open Source
AGPL v3.0 LicenseDeploy and operate your Grakn Core knowledge graph immediately. Grakn Core is licensed under AGPL so that you can start developing quickly and adopt Grakn within your solution in no time.
Commercial LicenseIf you want to freely integrate Grakn Core into your product, and satisfy all of your organisation's requirements, the commercial license gives you that piece of mind.
Core SupportGet direct support from our engineers. From development to production, we’re with you every step of the way, so you can focus on building your application and your business.
Feature RequestsAs you develop on Grakn, you may find additional features that you wish Grakn provides. We have a long list of these features to develop, but we can prioritise developing the ones you need.
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